Hey! I'm Pauly!

I'm a Florida Transplant from Madison, Wisconsin that has lived in the Orlando area since 2012.

Never in my life did I think I would be a photographer, but looking back now I can always remember a sense of joy taking pictures. As a kid I always loved taking pictures on the disposable cameras my family would buy for trips and events. I'd look forward to visiting my Aunt, because those weeks meant we'd hit up the Goodwill where I would buy film cameras for a few bucks (I hand no idea how they worked or IF they worked, but always assumed they did). But my real love for photography began in college when I started playing around with my friend’s Nikon D90 with a 35mm 1.8 attached. Eventually that friend got tired of me using his all the time and told me I needed to get my own, SO I DID. I bought my DSLR, moved to Disney World, and began capturing memories for hundreds of families each and every day in the Magic Kingdom. Taking photos all the time sparked a flame and desire to learn anything and everything I could about photography, and in 2019 I received a Technical Certificate in Digital Photography Technology from Orange Technical College. After 8 years with Disney PhotoPass service working as a Photographer and Trainer of Photographers, I'm now out on my own doing what I love to do.

When I'm not taking photos, you will find me preparing a wicked batch of cold brew coffee, playing my guitar, supporting my Green Bay Packers, trying out local breweries, and finding new places to to turn off the phone and go camping with my dog Cheddar. With the absence of the fall season in Florida, I make it tradition to seek out fall with my cameras wherever it may be - most recently New Hampshire, North Carolina, Northern Georgia, and Maine.

Photo by Heins Photography

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